Foton group

Welcome the Foton Group's more than 20.000 costumers and potential partners. With our products at first in Hungary, offer you solutions like suitable for latest European's development trend.
We may tell you, peoples accept positive our product-family the IQ Window System which was introduced in 2003. Beyond that product development we have increased our manufacturing's capacity to double and half which helps us to stronger our market position.
In the beginning 2004 we opened two new factory which are maximal suitable for European level : in Sárospatak and Tatabánya.
I can give an account of our company's success respect of realization system's development, because more than 60 partners help to get our product to users all over the country.
In Interest of the increase of costumer's satisfaction we enlarged a circle of our quality service and activity.
At last I would tell thanks for confidence of our costumer and interest of our potential partners.
I hope we open new perspective to the realization of your ideas with our products.

Sopron, Ipar krt. 4/b.
tel: (+36 99) 511-600
fax:(+36 99) 511-609
Sárospatak, Ipar utca. 4.
tel: (+36 47) 511-600
fax:(+36 47) 511-609