Our products/GECCO 3 air condition system

Well known, the activity of people produce CO2 and bad wells.
Without air condition vapor grow, come down with a bang and from beat bridges.
On windows appear: vapor mildew and fungus, aesthetics flaws.
The quality of air became wrong
The GECCO 3's piston prevent a bad draught and fungus formation on walls.
The little IQ piston is a top wing where you can turning.
The piston is open in basic condition, the air come in openly to a flat.

In case of great wind it will close. In case of smaller wind, it will open, so the air come in openly to house. This, intelligent system take a care of change fair, climate of room and comfort of flat.

The GECCO 3 air conditioned system

  • the air condition piston operate itself
  • the wrong operate is excluded
  • prevent the bad draught and fungus formations
  • it make a sure a basic airing
  • its building in very similar
  • you can equip later to all filler
  • the piston manageable with manual close
  • air let trough : 5,8m 3/ h 10 Pascal pressure difference
  • we planed the Gecco 3 accordance to EnEV energy saving decision
  • optimal air condition in case of normal air pressure